[PYTHON] How to install drobertadams / toggl-cli on Mac


  1. What is toggl-cli?
  2. Mac version of desktop app
  3. How to install
  4. Registration
  5. Download the tool
  6. Generate configuration file
  7. Edit the configuration file
  8. How to use
  9. Reference URI

What is toggl-cli?

An unofficial tool for using Toggl, a time clock web service, from the command line. (Maybe it helps you to remember the work you forgot later or to find wasted work time?)

toggl-cli calls Toggl's official API, and there are some similar tools.

In addition, Toggl can be used from points other than the command line tools introduced below. (In addition to web services, we also provide iPhone and desktop apps)

Toggl https://toggl.com/

Desktop app for Mac

The Mac version of the desktop app is available from the menu bar. Can be installed with brew cask install toggldesktop http://support.toggl.com/toggl-desktop-for-mac-osx/

Installation method

First registration

Toggl https://toggl.com/

Tool download etc.

The web page of toggl-cli is here. https://github.com/drobertadams/toggl-cli

The following command is the setting to place the tool in ╩╗Applications`

brew install python --framework
pip install iso8601
pip install pytz
pip install requests
pip install python-dateutil
cd /Applications/
git clone https://github.com/drobertadams/toggl-cli.git

Enables the toggl command to be used according to your terminal environment Open the file with vi ~ / .bash_profile etc. and add the following line

alias toggl="/Applications/toggl-cli/toggl.py"

Generation of configuration file

Execute toggl. A config file should be generated at the user's root.

Edit the configuration file

vi ~/.togglrc --username: The set email address --password: set password --api_token: When you access https://www.toggl.com/app/profile, it is written at the bottom.


How to Use

The operation image on the command line is as follows.

  1. toggl start writeBlog
  2. toggl stop

Please refer to the usage as it is written at the bottom of the following URL.

Quote: https://github.com/drobertadams/toggl-cli

Usage: toggl [OPTIONS] [ACTION]

  -h, --help     show this help message and exit
  -q, --quiet    don't print anything
  -v, --verbose  print additional info
  -d, --debug    print debugging output

      creates a completed time entry
      lists all clients
  continue DESCR
      restarts the given entry
      list recent time entries
      print what you're working on now
      lists all projects
  rm ID
      delete a time entry by id
      starts a new entry
  stop [DATETIME]
      stops the current entry
      visits toggl.com

  DURATION = [[Hours:]Minutes:]Seconds

Referenced URI




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