[PYTHON] How to change multiple columns of csv in Pandas (Unixtime-> Japan Time)

import glob
import os
import pandas as pd
import pandas as pd
from datetime import datetime
from pytz import timezone

#Script to change CSV data(column'starttime', 'endtime'Changed from Unix time to Japan time)

#There is a target csv file directly under the program execution location
csv_list = os.listdir()

# !!Timely.remove()Please pull out the non-csv file with.
# !!I don't have time right now, but anyone who can fix it is welcome!
# (↑ Delete from list or not put in list except csv)

tz = timezone('Asia/Tokyo')

for csv_file in csv_list:
    japan_starttime_list = []
    japan_endtime_list = []
    print(csv_file, "Read...")
    df = pd.read_csv(csv_file)
    starttime_series = df.starttime
    endtime_series = df.endtime
    for starttime in starttime_series:
        starttime_str = str(starttime)[:10]
        starttime_int = int(starttime_str)
        # Unixtime -> Japan time(str) ->Store in list
        utc_time = datetime.fromtimestamp(starttime_int)
        japan_time = utc_time.astimezone(tz)
        japan_time_str = japan_time.strftime('%H:%M:%S')
    #Do the same with endtime
    for endtime in endtime_series:
        endtime_str = str(endtime)[:10]
        endtime_int = int(endtime_str)
        # Unixtime -> Japan time(str) ->Store in list
        utc_time = datetime.fromtimestamp(endtime_int)
        japan_time = utc_time.astimezone(tz)
        japan_time_str = japan_time.strftime('%H:%M:%S')
    #Data change in two columns of dataframe
    df.starttime = japan_starttime_list
    df.endtime = japan_endtime_list
    #Create a new csv
    df.to_csv('rev_' + csv_file)

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