Procedure for building a kube environment on amazon linux2 (aws) ~ (with bonus)


・ Freshly made amazon linux2 (centos)

1. Until docker environment construction on ec2

First, build docker on amazon linux2 referring to here.

Update packages installed on your instance
sudo yum update -y

yum install git-all
pip3 install boto3

yum -y install python3
pip3 install awscli --upgrade

sudo pip install --upgrade awscli --ignore-installed six

curl "" -o ""
sudo ./aws/install

Install the latest Docker Community Edition package.
#amazon linux2
sudo amazon-linux-extras install docker

#amazon linux
sudo yum install docker

#Start the Docker service.
sudo service docker start

#ec2-You can add user to the docker group to run Docker commands without using sudo.

sudo usermod -a -G docker ec2-user
#Log out and log back in to get new docker group access.
#This can be achieved by closing the current SSH terminal window and reconnecting to the instance in a new window.
#The new SSH session has the appropriate docker group privileges.

#ec2-Make sure that user can execute Docker commands without using sudo.

#Check if the docker environment is created
docker info
docker --version

Until kubernetes environment construction

curl -o kubectl

chmod +x ./kubectl

sudo mv ./kubectl /usr/local/bin
mkdir -p $HOME/bin && mv ./kubectl $HOME/bin/kubectl && export PATH=$PATH:$HOME/bin

echo 'export PATH=$PATH:$HOME/bin' >> ~/.bash_profile

kubectl version --short --client

aws eks describe-cluster --name eks-from-eksctl --region us-west-2

kind cluster construction

How to build the head family See below

curl -Lo ./kind
chmod +x ./kind
mv ./kind /some-dir-in-your-PATH/kind

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