From preparation for morphological analysis with python using polyglot to part-of-speech tagging


Use polyglot (Document).

The following has been confirmed to work with Python 3.8.5. First,

pip install numpy
pip install polyglot
pip install six
pip install pycld2
pip install morfessor
pip install pyicu

Install in the order of. However, when ModuleNotFoundError tells you to put icu,

pip install icu


pip install pyicu

Let. If you try to install and use icu, you should get the error cannot import name xxx. Note that it is a different item.

If that doesn't work, see Error installing pip pyicu.


Look at the official Part of Speech Tagging and look up the part of speech.

from polyglot.text import Text

blob = "You never fail until you stop trying."
tokens = Text(blob)

This should give you the part of speech of every word in the sentence, but you should get an error.

ValueError: This resource is available in the index but not downloaded, yet. Try to run

polyglot download embeddings2.en


git clone

After that, on the 14th line of

app.config['JSON_AS_ASCII'] = False

After adding

polyglot download embeddings2.en
polyglot download pos2.en

Is inserted. This part was written in Not able to pull polyglot files.

Now that you can analyze English, the previous code works,

from polyglot.text import Text

blob = "You never fail until you stop trying."
tokens = Text(blob)

As a result of

[('You', 'PRON'), ('never', 'ADV'), ('fail', 'VERB'), ('until', 'SCONJ'), ('you', 'PRON'), ('stop', 'VERB'), ('trying', 'VERB'), ('.', 'PUNCT')]

Is obtained. The result is hard to see in one line, so use pprint on the last line

import pprint


[('You', 'PRON'),
 ('never', 'ADV'),
 ('fail', 'VERB'),
 ('until', 'SCONJ'),
 ('you', 'PRON'),
 ('stop', 'VERB'),
 ('trying', 'VERB'),
 ('.', 'PUNCT')]

You may devise such as. The names of the part of speech are as follows. The abbreviation and description (English) are taken from Part of Speech Tagging.

Abbreviated name Explanation(English) Explanation(Japanese)
ADJ adjective adjective
ADP adposition Preposition
ADV adverb adverb
AUX auxiliary verb Auxiliary verb
CONJ coordinating conjunction Coordinate conjunction
DET determiner Determiner
INTJ interjection interjection
NOUN noun noun
NUM numeral numeral
PART particle Particles
PRON pronoun Pronoun
PROPN proper noun Proper noun
PUNCT punctuation Punctuation
SCONJ subordinating conjunction Subordinate connection
SYM symbol symbol
VERB verb verb
X other others


Installation reference

Reference about the features of polyglot

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