[PYTHON] Load nested json with pandas

Load nested json with pandas read nested json with pandas


Google Corab


With pandas

import pandas as pd

When you do

index title content
1 aaa {"col1": "a", "col2": "aa"...
2 bbb {"col1": "b", "col2": "bb"...

Suppose you have a json file that looks like this: (It is a form in which json format character strings are nested and stored in content.)


col1 col2
a aa
b bb

I wanted to read it.

I searched a little with normalize or flatten and found that pd.json_normalize ('file.json') looked like that, so when I tried using it, I got angry with ʻAttribute Error:'str' object has no attribute'values'`. I did.


After trial and error,

import pandas as pd
df = pd.read_json('file.json')
df = pd.DataFrame(df.content.to_list())

I read it correctly in, so I will write it as an article.

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