Environment construction with VSCode + Remote Container (Go / Application)

Preface and Acknowledgments

The other day, I made a remote container using a simple method in Go language (Reference: Environment construction with VSCode + Remote Container (go edition)), but after making it, LGTM from the master of the mind (@MegaBlackLabel) Along with the following ~~ Tsukkomi ~~ Revelation.

A few days later, the government reached the point of making an app in earnest, and it became clear that the environment ahead was not enough, so I faced this issue again and created an environment like that, so I will summarize it again. ..

table of contents

-1. Prerequisite environment -2. Create Working Folder -3. Create file for container -4. Create container configuration file for remote -5. Start Container

1. Prerequisite environment

Other than this, basically no preparation is required. If you don't know how to install Remote --containers, refer to the above (VSCode + Remote Container environment construction (go)).

We have confirmed the operation on Windows 10 (Pro), but there is probably no problem with other OS including home (WSL2 is required separately for home).

2. Create working folder

This time, the configuration is roughly as follows (except for ".devcontainer", the folder name is arbitrary).

├─ .devcontainer
│    └─ devcontainer.json
├─ docker
│    └─ go
│        └─ Dockerfile
├─ src
└─ docker-compose.yml

Create under the top directory. Each file will be described in the following items.

3. Create a file for the container

If you change the folder structure, change it accordingly.


(If you make it according to this article, under the top directory "go-proj")


version: '3.8'

    build: ./docker/go/
    command: /bin/sh -c "while sleep 1000; do :; done"
      - 8080:8080
      - ./src:/go/src:cached


(If you make it according to this article, under "go-proj/docker/go")


#Latest at the time of writing this article
FROM golang:1.15

WORKDIR /go/src


RUN go get -v \
        golang.org/x/tools/gopls \
        github.com/ramya-rao-a/go-outline \

4. Create a remote container configuration file


(If you make it according to this article, under "go-proj/.devcontainer")


    "name": "go",

    "dockerComposeFile": [

    "service": "app",
    "workspaceFolder": "/go/src",

    "settings": { 
        "terminal.integrated.shell.linux": null,
        "go.gopath": "/go"

    "extensions": [

    "shutdownAction": "stopCompose"

5. Start the container

Open the project folder with VSCode and execute Remote-Containers: Reopen in Container from the command palette and others.

X. Reference article

Building a development environment with Go + echo + Docker + VSCode + Remote Containers (supports hot reload and step execution): Referenced halfway (Progress according to this procedure is currently used in the maintenance of realize) Not possible). As an aside, the author builds with realize → air (and echo → gin).

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