I learned Python with a beautiful girl at Paiza # 02

I can do her with Python and Paiza's Learn beautiful girl and Python service So it's a miscellaneous impression. This article is introductory part 2. Please see here for 1.

Introductory 2 (about 60 minutes)

chapter1: Conditional branching by IF statement (4:44)

if condition:
Action when the conditions are met
Action when the condition is not met


chapter2: Let's combine multiple conditions (3:46)

if condition 1:
elif condition 2:


chapter3: Let's conditional branch with comparison operator (4:54)

And <appear as operators other than * ==


chapter4: Let's make a fortune (5:04)


chapter5: Reproduce the critical hit of RPG (2:46)


chapter6: Let's find the year of Heisei from the Christian era (4:19)


Rough impression

This concludes the currently published introduction to Python. As expected, the level is higher than introductory 1, but it still feels like a rudimentary beginning. It feels like a polite explanation of "professional" as "Python as a programming language". However, as the syntax is only if, I thought it would be nice if for / while came out at least.

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