[LINUX] What is a distribution?

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RHEL type or centos type ...? I don't understand so well


What is a distribution?

Because it is not easy to use with the kernel alone A distribution is a package of applications that can be used immediately. Package management differs depending on the distribution

Major groups of distributions

--Redhat system

Representative of a commercial distribution. The paid Red hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) provided by Redhat is specialized for enterprises and is commercially successful. Distributions derived from Redhat distributions are generally package-managed in rpm format. Redhat-based distributions also have free versions, including CentOS and Fedora.


Debian-based distribution with very good package management The package is in deb format and uses the ʻapt command Debian has a long history and there are many derivative distributions Among them, ʻUbuntu is popular

--Slackware system

The oldest distribution based on Slackware is Slackware The state of being officially distributed is one complete system, and software addition and library management are often user-dependent. Impression that it is a distribution that is difficult for beginners to handle suddenly compared to RedHat and Debian The advantages are high stability, strong security, and fast speed.

Typical distribution

-[Red hat series] Red hat Enterprise Linux

The most successful, paid distribution. By paying the license fee, the company is responsible for providing technical support and security fix as a development company, so companies can use it with confidence. Support period is about 10 years Package management uses rpm and yum

-[Redhat] CentOS

I was able to clone by removing the paid part of Red hat Enterprise Linux and rebuilding it. Not much different from Red hat Enterprise Linux, but there are some delays in security fixes, etc. CentOS is useful for personal trials

-[Debian] Debian

It is the home of the distribution named Debian, and is also the source of Ubuntu, which will be described later. It has a long history, as long as Slackware. Impression that many people use it in Japan, although not as many as Red hat Enterprise Linux

-[Debian] Ubuntu

A free distribution based on the development version of Debian The development slogan is compassion for others Easy to use, with built-in photo editing tools, browser, messenger, etc. as standard It is a recommended distribution for beginners because the Japanese environment is substantial and the community is active.

-[Slackware] Slackware

A long-established distribution that still exists as the oldest distribution in Linux history It's simple, and the package is just a binary archived with tar. Currently, commands are being developed to compile third-party software packages semi-automatically, The point that the user manages it has not changed, so there is a big part to solve by yourself

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It was fluffy, but I got the knowledge by examining it properly. I always used CentOS and Redhat to automatically resolve package dependencies. I think it's a great thing.


-What is a Linux distribution? -What is Linux? Explain the outline and basics that even beginners can understand! -[Rough summary] Compare Linux distributions

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