What is Python? What is it used for?

Now that I have the opportunity to talk about Python, I would like to summarize my knowledge of Python in my experience (2 years of Python). There is a lot of Python content that I think. Please point out any mistakes.

All 3 volumes planned

--What is Python? What is it used for? (← Now here) --Python environment construction --Modules and packages

Basic information

Developer / Operating body

Python is a language specification

--There are multiple implementations, and most of them refer to CPython unless otherwise noted. --CPython code - https://github.com/python/cpython - CPython、PyPy、etc - https://python-guideja.readthedocs.io/ja/latest/starting/which-python.html#id6 --There is also an implementation of Rust - https://github.com/RustPython/RustPython --Python specification explanation and development discussions are held at PEP (Python Enhancement Proposal). - https://www.python.org/dev/peps/ --You can find out more about PEP in Translated article by sphinx-users.jp. --Click here for the original PEP explanation - https://www.python.org/dev/peps/pep-0001/ --Let's read PEP -PEP20 introduced as the philosophy of Python

Interpreter language

Python is an interpreted language. Here's what you'll see before Python runs: https://qiita.com/intermezzo-fr/items/3ae7645bd7d4414d9607

Regarding the Python version

--You can see the development status and support deadline of various versions here. - https://www.python.org/downloads/ --As of 2021, support for Python 2 series has expired.

Regarding how Python is used

What is Python used for (the kind of people who work with Python)

Python = machine learning is often said to be The point is to say that people of different occupations are using different Python products.

--Data Scientist --ML engineer --Table data, natural language, media (image, audio, video) --Data engineer --Application engineer --Infrastructure system administrator - Ansible - Airflow --See quite a few examples of using Pyhon scripts for glue --Embedded robot - Raspberry Pi - ROS --Various researchers --Scraping people - Selenium, Beautiful Soup, Scrapy ――I started using Python for scraping

In the PyconJp 2019 questionnaire, there are many machine learning and web application development.

Reference: Quote (https://pyconjp.blogspot.com/2020/03/questionnaire-2019-result.html)

It's also interesting to see what libraries are available and guess what they are used for. -> Introduction of popular Python libraries and apps

Speaking of Python .. overseas companies

A company that is personally researched and often taken care of

A company that personally researches and is taken care of by tech blogs, Qiita, and employees' personal blogs.

--ZOZO Technologies --Recruit series --JX Press --M3

What is Python? What is it used for? That's all for the edition. Please point out any mistakes.

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