Elixir = Comfortable on Linux Mint


I wanted to take full advantage of the GPU's performance. Microsoft is doing its best and WSL is quite comfortable, but there is one drawback. It is something that the GPU cannot handle. To take advantage of GPUs from Elixir, you need to work directly with Linux, not an emulator. I made up my mind and installed it. Recalling that I first tried Linux in the 20th century. At that time, the Internet was still underdeveloped, and I remember installing it while struggling to rely on the CDs of books and appendices.

Linux Mint is like Windows 10

From the Linux experience of the 20th century, the current Linux environment is like a dream. The installation that was so difficult was completed without a hitch. In my case, the internet is quite complicated for security reasons. Setting a fixed IP on a wired LAN doesn't work on Ubuntu. So I recently switched to the popular Mint. I managed to connect to the net because I could set the fixed IP after installing it for the time being. Mint is very nimble. The desktop looks like Windows 10. It can be handled like Windows. It seems that there are many users next to Ubuntu, and there is also an official page in Japanese, so it is safe. It seems that it is based on Ubuntu, and it seems that the one for Ubuntu can be used as it is. Now, how about Elixir?

Install Elixir

I didn't have to worry about anything at all. Just do what is on the official Elixir page. https://elixir-lang.org/install.html

Just follow the installation method on Ubuntu.

Below, quoted from the official page

Ubuntu 14.04/16.04/17.04/18.04/19.04 or Debian 7/8/9/10 
Add Erlang Solutions repo: wget https://packages.erlang-solutions.com/erlang-solutions_2.0_all.deb && sudo dpkg -i erlang-solutions_2.0_all.deb
Run: sudo apt-get update
Install the Erlang/OTP platform and all of its applications: sudo apt-get install esl-erlang
Install Elixir: sudo apt-get install elixir

End of quote.

Toward the utilization of GPU

Now you are ready to use GPU and CUDA. The challenge is to call cuBLAS or cuFFT from Elixir via Nifs.

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