[LINUX] [Blender] List of shortcut keys of Python Console that comes standard with Blender

Here is a summary of Python Console shortcuts that come standard with Blender. I am writing as far as I can confirm. There may be some that can be used as standard in the OS, but please understand that it is a shortcut key that seems to be useful in the Python Console because it has not been confirmed.

Windows Mac Linux motion
Shift + F4 shift + fn + F4 Shift + F4 Open Python Console
Return the history entered in the past
Advance the history entered in the past
Tab tab Tab Indent
Shift + tab shift + tab shift + tab Unindent
Home ⌘ + ← Home Move the cursor to the beginning of the line
End ⌘ + → End Move cursor to end of line
Ctrl + ← control + ←
fn + ←
Ctrl + ← Move the cursor to the left word by word
Ctrl + → control + →
fn + →
Ctrl + → Move the cursor to the right word by word
Ctrl + Backspace control + delete Ctrl + Backspace Delete word by word from the cursor position to the beginning of the line
Ctrl + Delete control + fn + delete Ctrl + Delete Delete word by word from the cursor position toward the end of the line
Shift + Enter shift + return Shift + Enter Delete line
Ctrl + Space control + space Ctrl + Space Source code completion
Ctrl + ↑
Ctrl + ↓
control + ↑
control + ↓
Ctrl + ↑
Ctrl + ↓
Full screen console/Release
Ctrl + C control + C Ctrl + C Copy the selection to the clipboard
Ctrl + V control + V Ctrl + V Paste from clipboard
Shift + Ctrl + C shift + control + C Shift + Ctrl + C Copy all scripts executed after opening the Python Console
The execution result is also copied, but at the beginning of the line "#~Is automatically commented on

In order to use the shortcut on Mac, it is necessary to cancel the assignment of control and ⌘ that are assigned to Mission Control etc. as standard according to the following procedure.

  1. Click "System Preferences ..."-
  2. Click "Keyboard"
  3. Click the "Shortcuts" tab
  4. Unassign the shortcut you want to use in Blender Python Console

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