(Linux beginner) What is the magic word aux?

I used it for the time being, but what is the meaning of the aux command?

Example: ps aux | grep puma

Below, we will disassemble it.

First, grep is used when you want to search for commands that contain a specific string.

command|grep Character string you want to search

Take a closer look at the command.

ps ・ ・ ・ Easy display of your own process
aux ・ ・ ・ Combination of a, u, x options
a option ... Show processes for all users
u option: Execution user and CPU of each process,Also displays information such as memory
x option: All processes that do not have a terminal(daemon etc.)To display

daemon: A process that runs in the background. Things that work behind the scenes that are invisible to the person using the computer.

In short, aux covers all the information that all kinds of processes can know.

Answer ps aux | What is grep puma?

[Meaning] Display all known information of commands including puma

In other words, if you get lost, aux was not a mistake.

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