[VSCode] I made a user snippet for Python print f-string

I like print's f-string debugging (written as print (f" {○○○ =} "), which was adopted in Python 3.8. However, with VS Code, the amount of typing is quite large even if you use Intellisense, so I made a snippet myself.

・ How to make a user snippet Menu> "Code"> "Preferences"> Select "User Snippets"> Search for "Python" in the "Search Box"> "python.json" file opens

Add the following description;


	"Print f-string debugging": {
		"prefix": "print",
		"body": [
			"print(f\"{$1 = }\")",
		"description": "print(f\"{ = }\")"
	"Print with quote": {
		"prefix": "print",
		"body": [
		"description": "print(\"\")"

Below is a brief explanation;

--The name "Print f-string debugging" doesn't really matter.

-"prefix" is the character that triggers the snippet.

-"body" is the character that is actually entered. " must be escaped with\, $ 1 will be the cursor position, and $ 2, $ 3 ,, will be the next move position when the Tab key is pressed. ..

-"description" is the description when the snippet is displayed.

-"Print with quote" is a snippet of print ("") that I made incidentally.

I use this snippet a lot.

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