[LINUX] Various commands for building an environment with Apache

File related

-Transfer files (folders) from the local environment to the remote environment


$ scp -r File name you want to send root@hostname:Remote directory you want to send (Ex.)/home/www)

・ Confirmation of file owner authority, etc.


$ ls -l File name you want to check

-When you want to check the permissions of all files in the directory


After moving to the directory you want to check
$ ll

-File owner authority settings, etc.


$ chown -R owner:Group owner file name

Change the owner setting for the entire directory by adding -R

-When opening a file with vi, the characters are garbled and Japanese is not displayed.


:set enc=utf-8

-When you want to check the latest error log when checking the log with vi



-Check the Apache error log


$ cd /
$ vi /var/log/httpd/error_log

Commands related to MySQL

-Commands related to setting the security level of the password required when creating a user with MySQL


-> global validate_password_policy="LOW or MEDIUM or HIGH"

-A command to display a list of password security levels in MySQL


-> show global variables like '%validates%';

・ Check the status of MySQL


$ systemctl status mysqld.service

・ MySQL log


$ cd /
$ cat /var/log/mysql/mysqld.log

・ MySQL user list


-> SELECT user, host from mysql.user

・ MySQL user creation


-> create user 'username'@'hostname' identified by 'password';

-Delete MySQL user


-> drop user 'username'@'hostname';

-Grant all permissions to a specific user


->grant all privileges on database name.* to 'username'@'hostname';

-Reflecting changes made in MySQL



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