[LINUX] [Simple procedure] To log in to ssh without a password

A note on ssh connection from macOS Catalina to CentOS7.7. Obviously, it can be used not only on macOS but also on linux and * BSD environments.

Client (macOS) side work

Shell command

mkdir -m 0700 ~/.ssh

The passphrase is enter key only. Then, the private key (id_rsa) and public key (id_rsa.pub) are generated in the .ssh directory under the home directory.

~/.ssh ┣ id_rsa ┗ id_rsa.pub

Copy the public key to the server.

Shell command

cd ~/.ssh
scp id_rsa.pub (Username on the server)@Server IP:.

Log in to the server once with ssh.

Shell command

ssh (Username on the server)@Server IP

Server side work

Register the public key.

Shell command

mkdir -m 0700 ~/.ssh
cd ~/.ssh
cat ~/id_rsa.pub >> authorized_keys
chmod 0600 authorized_keys

Set up public key authentication on the server.

Shell command

vi /etc/ssh/sshd_config

Modify as follows. #PubkeyAuthentication yes  ▼ PubkeyAuthentication yes

Restart sshd.

Shell command

service sshd restart

Now you can ssh login from the client side to the server without password authentication.

that's all.

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