[PYTHON] Precautions when installing packages in the conda environment


Hello everyone. I'm sorry to say that I'm sorry for my personal affairs, but recently I've been busy writing a dissertation. Something goes wrong only when you are busy. This time is a memorandum for dealing with such troubles.

Finally, the task has been completed, so I will summarize it as an article. The contents are memorandums and memos, so please feel free to take a look.

Trouble content

The package did not enter the conda environment. Details below.

I want to add a package to the conda environment. So activate it

(base) source activate hogehoge
(hogehoge) conda install hogehoge

However, it is said that it is not in the conda repository.

PackagesNotFoundError: The following packages are not available from current channels:

So I decided to install it with pip reluctantly.

(hogehoge) sudo pip install hogehoge

However, for some reason, the package does not fit in the conda environment.


The cause was that it was executed with superuser privileges. You will be thrown into the base environment. So purely

(hogehoge) pip install hogehoge

Is fine.

This is a reward for the innocent abuse of superuser privileges. This is a terrible mistake, but in the future I would like to be aware of what it means for each command.

If you try to experiment quickly, the basics of linux and code notation will be neglected, so I want to improve my daily self-study so that I can handle various situations.

It's the end. Thank you for visiting.

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