[PYTHON] Operate an oscilloscope with a Raspberry Pi

1.First of all

Connect the tactile switch to GPIO of Raspberry Pi, and when the switch is pressed, ": RUN" ": STOP" of [SCPI command](https://www.google.co.jp/search?hl=ja&as_q=SCPI command) Is sent to the oscilloscope. Use pyVISA to send SCPI commands. scpi commander

2. Wiring

|BCM|Physical|I/O|function |---+--------+---+---- | 2 |3 |IN |RUN command(:RUN)Issue | 3 |5 |IN |STOP command(:STOP)Issue |17 |11 |OUT|LED lighting

The LEDs are connected via a 3kΩ current limiting resistor.

3. Program

--Please install pyUSB, pyVISA, pyVISA-py on Raspberry Pi with pip command in advance. --The VISA address is hard-coded (see the appendix for how to find the VISA address) --Run with sudo python scpi-commander.py (sudo important!)


import RPi.GPIO as GPIO
import time
import visa

PORT_RUN  =  2
PORT_LED  = 17
VISA_ADDR = "USB0::6833::1230::DS1Zxxxxxxxxxx::0::INSTR"


def open_dso():
    rm = visa.ResourceManager()
    resources = rm.list_resources()
        dso = rm.open_resource(VISA_ADDR)
        print("Not Found:", resources)

    return dso

def main():
        dso = open_dso()
        print("DSO Open Failed, exit.")
        print("DSO Open Success.")

        while True:
            port_run  = GPIO.input(PORT_RUN)
            port_stop = GPIO.input(PORT_STOP)

            if port_run == GPIO.LOW:
            if port_stop == GPIO.LOW:


    except KeyboardInterrupt:


4. Conclusion

――If you use the foot switch, you can operate it with your feet even if both hands are occupied.

5. Reference materials

This is an article that I used as a reference when creating this article.

-Use GPIO of Raspberry Pi from Python

X. Appendix How to find the VISA address

Connect the oscilloscope and Raspberry Pi (or PC) in advance via USB.

> sudo python
>>> import visa
>>> rm = visa.ResourceManager()
>>> print(rm.list_resources())

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