[PYTHON] Note that there was a version problem with networkx

Note that there was a version problem with networkx

-Network has modules that depend on the environment, and depending on the version, the function cannot be found and an error is thrown, so I decided to write a solution.


python 3.7.7

anaconda 4.8.3

os1 windows10

os2 ubuntu 18.04

networkx 2.4

# The function in question



I got an error with these two functions this time. # Solution From the command prompt or terminal
pip install networkx==2.3

I was able to avoid the error by executing and lowering the version.

Since I was able to confirm the operation on both ubuntu and window, it is considered to be a problem on the networkx side.


Since the stable version of networkx was released about half a year ago, if there is a big problem, it is thought that the stable version is returned to 2.3, so I thought there was an alternative function, but I couldn't find it.

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