Linux command basics

Linux commands

In the terminal, various commands are given to the PC by inputting Linux commands. Linux (Linux) is a type of PC contents called an OS. Linux commands give instructions to the contents of a PC.

pwd command

An abbreviation for print working directory, a command that prints the path of the current directory. To use it, just type pwd in the terminal and press enter.

ls command

Abbreviation for list, a command that displays a list of directories and files. By executing, the names of directories and files directly under the current directory are displayed in a list. To use it, just type ls in the terminal and press the enter key. Also, if you enter the directory path with a space after ls and execute it, the contents of the specified directory will be displayed in a list.

cd command

Abbreviation for change directory, used when moving the current directory. To use it, type cd [path of the directory you want to move] in the terminal and press enter. Also, if you enter only cd and execute it, move to your home directory.

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