Japanese translation of the util-linux manual

util-linux manual [Japanese translation](https://github.com/ysatoautonomous/jm- draft / wiki # util-linux)

I am translating the util-linux man page into Japanese.

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cal(1) chfn(1) choom(1) chrt(1) chsh(1) col(1) colcrt(1) colrm(1) column(1) dmesg(1) eject(1) fallocate(1) fincore(1) flock(1) getopt(1) hardlink(1) hexdump(1) ionice(1) ipcmk(1) ipcrm(1) ipcs(1) kill(1) last(1) line(1) logger(1) login(1) look(1) lscpu(1) lsipc(1) lslogins(1) lsmem(1) mcookie(1) mesg(1) more(1) mountpoint(1) namei(1) newgrp(1) nsenter(1) pg(1) prlimit(1) rename(1) renice(1) rev(1) runuser(1) script(1) scriptreplay(1) setpriv(1) setsid(1) setterm(1) su(1) taskset(1) ul(1) unshare(1) utmpdump(1) uuidgen(1) uuidparse(1) wall(1) whereis(1) write(1)

libblkid(3) uuid(3) uuid_clear(3) uuid_compare(3) uuid_copy(3) uuid_generate(3) uuid_is_null(3) uuid_parse(3) uuid_time(3) uuid_unparse(3)

adjtime_config(5) fstab(5) terminal-colors.d(5)

addpart(8) agetty(8) blkdiscard(8) blkid(8) blkzone(8) blockdev(8) cfdisk(8) chcpu(8) chmem(8) ctrlaltdel(8) delpart(8) fdformat(8) fdisk(8) findfs(8) findmnt(8) fsck(8) fsck.cramfs(8) fsck.minix(8) fsfreeze(8) fstrim(8) hwclock(8) isosize(8) ldattach(8) losetup(8) lsblk(8) lslocks(8) lsns(8) mkfs(8) mkfs.bfs(8) mkfs.cramfs(8) mkfs.minix(8) mkswap(8) mount(8) nologin(8) partx(8) pivot_root(8) raw(8) readprofile(8) resizepart(8) rfkill(8) rtcwake(8) setarch(8) sfdisk(8) sulogin(8) swaplabel(8) swapon(8) switch_root(8) tunelp(8) umount(8) uuidd(8) vipw(8) wdctl(8) wipefs(8) zramctl(8)

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