Japan's simplest Python memo (dialog box, etc.)

Note that I learned to operate files with python.

■ Display the files in the selected folder in a row using the dialog box, os.walk function, and pprint.


    #Import required modules
    import sys
    import os
    import tkinter,tkinter.filedialog
    #Import to display files in a row
    import pprint

    #Creating a file dialog
    root.withdraw()#Description because processing may stop when the main window of Tkinter starts
    msg='Please select a folder'
    if (not my_path):
    print('User canceled')

    #OS.Use the walk function to scan and display the files in the folder
    for dirpaht,dirs,files in os.walk(my_path):
    for fname in files:

When executed, the file dialog is displayed, so select the folder.


The execution result is displayed. The results are displayed in a row by using pprint.


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