Introducing Japanese input system to Serene Linux


  1. What is Serene Linux?
  2. Introduction of Japanese input system
  3. Finally

1. What is Serene Linux?

An Ubuntu-derived Linux distribution. The author is a Japanese student! Actually, I also belong to the Serene Linux development team. Everyone is amazing and everyone is scared past the strong ... The official website is here

2. Introduction of Japanese input system

The main subject is from here! First of all, with Serene Linux, it is possible to easily install software using a GUI. That's here! 1.png SereneStartdash I will use this. Double-click the icon on your desktop. 2.png You will be asked for a password, so enter your password.

3.png When it starts, first click "Upgrade".

4.png Please wait a moment...

5.png When the package update is complete, you will be returned to the first screen. Next, click "Add / Remove".

6.png A confirmation screen will appear, so click "Start loading".

7.png Yes, this is the software that can be installed. There are many, but select "Japanese Input Method" from here and click "OK".

8.png Please wait a moment.

9.png I'm a little scared, but I have no choice but to move forward! Click "Continue".

10.png Installing ...

11.png Has completed. Click "OK" to finish.

You should now be able to input Japanese. If you cannot, please log out and then log in again.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

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