[PYTHON] Install Keras (used with Anaconda)


--Installation for using Keras on Anaconda on Mac. When I tried to use Keras with Anaconda this time, I stumbled a little, so I will post it as a reference.



In order to use keras, tensorflow is also required, so install it. In terms of success results

$ sudo conda install tensorflow

$ sudo conda install keras

Now available on anaconda.

I often use pip for installation with python, but this time I use installation with conda. Besides keras, python has a lot of libraries, but most of them were available for installation with pip, but in the case of keras this time, I couldn't use them with pip. If you installed with pip, you may uninstall with pip and install with the above description.

Even if I didn't add sudo with conda install keras, it seemed to be successful, but when I looked at it, I got an error. In my case, it seems that I needed sudo (administrator privileges). When installing other libraries, I also succeeded by adding sudo, so if it fails, it may be good to add it.

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