[PYTHON] I made something that moves (wider range)

My feelings

Something that works ...?

I was told to use Python to make something that works in the assignment, and I thought about it myself, but nothing came to my mind ... Take a look at the past Shooting game Breakout Such

Looks difficult

Conclusion: Everything seems difficult.

Duel with yourself

If you move even a little, it will move. ** But is that so good ** Is it okay not to make a good one by referring to Qiita's text more? A duel took place within me

Try to find more

I found a good one! (I googled for Python beginners) ** How to make a timer ** I'm a beginner, so I can make it! !! (I stopped making great guys with good looks) Make a timer

Arrange the timer

The head family is the last star of the timer, but only letters (Mimicchii)


from time import sleep
print("Characters will appear after 3 seconds.")
print("It's time")


I'm using the time module this time ** time module ** is a module that can handle time There are various functions in that module, and this time I used the sleep function. The ** sleep function ** can control the timer, which means that it should stop for 3 seconds this time.

I tried to move

ezgif.com-video-to-gif (6).gif

not good?

There was a sense of accomplishment (quick) that I could do it myself, so I wanted to do more and refer to the article very much

Let's evolve more!

Look at the code of the article and change the letters and seconds

from time import sleep
target_time = 5
def count_up(secs):
    for i in range(0,secs):
    print("It's time ★")


def count_up is a function that counts up time. The name after def is the name of the function, and you can create your own function. It prints every second and is written as if counting.

I tried to move

ezgif.com-video-to-gif (7).gif

I'm glad

I'm happy to move

I want to display it on tkinter

I want to put out originality () and I want to display it using tkinter

It's code

import tkinter as tk

from time import sleep

target_time = 5

def up_timer(secs):
    for i in range(0,secs):
    print("It's time ★")


root = tk.Tk()

canvas =tk.Canvas(root, width =400, height =150, dg="white")
canvas.place(x = 50, y = 50)
canvas.create_text(0, 0, print)



It was impossible Pien 2020-07-10.png

Consideration & impression

I think it's difficult to express sentences with tk_inter ... (maybe lack of thought) Change a little! It's easy to refer to textbooks and online ones, but it was a tough world for me to think and create from scratch and to create functions by myself. However, it was a good opportunity because I had never thought about making it myself, and one day I wanted to make an app.


Shooting game Breakout How to make a timer The easiest Python introductory class (Sotec, Author: Fumitaka Osawa)

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