[PYTHON] I made a command to display a colorful calendar in the terminal

The cal command to display the calendar in the terminal comes standard with Linux, but I was complaining that it was not colored.

So I created a command to display a colored calendar, albeit with a feeling of reinventing the wheel.

You can install it below. You may need sudo depending on your environment.

pip3 install console_calendar

Only Python 3 is supported.

Hit the concal command to display it.



The standard library called calendar of Python that I used this time is amazing. There is a function that specifies the year / month and returns an array for each week, and you can use it to create a calendar without thinking about logic. Regarding the display, not only the calendar for the terminal is output, but also the calendar for one year can be created with HTML.



Please refer to here for uploading to PyPI. Thank you very much. http://qiita.com/[email protected]/items/d82cd7ab77ea2b88506c

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