[LINUX] How to set a shared folder with the host OS in CentOS7 on VirtualBOX


Nice to meet you. It is called "Snorlax". I usually work as a data scientist at a financial institution who doesn't try to understand the business. I would like to keep a record of my struggle as the first article of Qiita.

Background of writing

When studying Docker on Udemy, I needed to set up a shared folder for VirtualBox (host OS ⇔ guest OS), and I fell in love with it. Although there are articles by the pioneers, none of them can be solved as they are, and after learning the ensemble of various information, the settings have been made, so I will write them here including a memorandum. I hope it helps those who are referred to.

Execution environment

(Host OS) Windows10 pro (Guest OS:virtual)CentOS7.7 (1908) CLI (Virtualization)VirtualBox 6.1.8-137981 Trial time: 2020/05/28


It omits from CentOS installation to startup.

In VirtualBox, there are setting items that seem to be very kind, such as [Settings]> [Shared Folder], and I wondered if I could do it by specifying the folder of the host OS here. Before setting up shared folders in VirtualBox You have to set up something called "Guest Additions".

The flow is explained below.

GetAdditions setting eve (package update)

After moving to root privileges with su Update the packages and install the required packages.

yum -y update
yum -y install kernel-devel kernel-headers gcc gcc-c++
yum -y install bzip2

If you start with kernel-devel and kernel-headers, it will be inconsistent with existing kernels that have not been updated, so update the kernel (included in yum -y update) first. It makes sense to do it.

We recommend that you install bzip2 here as you will need it later.

Once the above steps are complete, use reboot to *** reboot ***!

Installing Guest Additions

(After restarting, use the su command to transfer to root privileges.)

GuestAdditions are installed in the iso image format, but they are included as standard in VirtualBox without any special acquisition.

Insert ISO image

Select [Device]> [Insert Guest Additions CD Image ...] in VirtualBox and connect. ss1.png


Mount the connected disk image in the media folder in CentOS.

mount -r /dev/cdrom /media

Go to the media folder and After the mount is complete, run the installation from the mount image. The bzip2 package is required for VBoxLinuxAdditions.run to be done here.

cd /media
sh ./VBoxLinuxAdditions.run

After the installation is complete, unmount the image and reboot ***.

umount /media

Unmounting can also be done from the GUI. ss2.png

Shared folder settings

After returning from the restart, from [Device]> [Shared Folder]> [Shared Folder Settings] Set the folder you want to share in the host OS (Windows this time). ss3.png

Select [Shared Folder Settings] to move to the window below. ss4.png Select "Shared Folder" and press the Add New button on the right. ss5.png Select any folder. (This time, the folder name is docker_file) Also,

-[x] Auto mount (A) -[x] Persist (M)

Check the box and press [OK] to close.

Now, in the guest OS (CentOS), it will be shared as / media / sf_ {shared folder name} in this case, / media / sf_docker_file.

Mount shared folders

If you want to mount other than / media / sf_ {shared folder name} above,

cd media/
mount -t vboxsf sf_{Shared folder name} {Mount destination directory name}

With, you can make another folder a shared folder in the guest OS.

Access restriction settings

With the above steps, the shared folder will be available to the root user, but if you want to give other general users access to the shared folder, add the user with the following command.

gpasswd --add {User name} vboxsf

Related article

I have referred to each article very much, and some parts have been quoted. If you find it annoying, I would appreciate it if you could point it out.

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Reference site

-How to create a shared folder with Guest Additions on CentOS, the guest OS with VirtualBox

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