[LINUX] How to pass arguments using an instance with systemd's systemctl command

I will show you how to pass arguments using an instance with the systemctl command.


1. Create a Unit definition file

Create the following Unit definition file.

/etc/systemd/system/[email protected]


ExecStart=/bin/echo %I

2. Start by specifying the argument (instance name) with the systemctl command

systemctl start test@"arg1 arg2"

[root@CENTOS7 ~]# systemctl start test@"arg1 arg2"
[root@CENTOS7 ~]#

Check with journalctl -u test @" arg1 arg2 ".

[root@CENTOS7 ~]# journalctl -u test@"arg1 arg2"
--Logs begin at day 2019-12-29 17:19:15 JST,end at day 2019-12-29 20:06:21 JST.
December 29 20:06:21 CENTOS7 systemd[1]: Started TestService.
December 29 20:06:21 CENTOS7 echo[1602]: arg1 arg2


The unit specifiers that are replaced when the unit file is loaded are:

Unit specifier meaning Details
%n Full unit name
%N Full unit name (no escape) %Same as n, but the string is not escaped.
%p prefix In the unit name that became an instance"@"Refer to the character string before the character.
For other units, the unit name without the suffix is used.
%P Prefix (no escape) %Same as p, but the string is not escaped.
%i Instance name Of the unit name that became an instance"@"Use the string between the character and the suffix.
%I Instance name(No escape) %Same as i, but the string is not escaped.
%f file name(No escape) Unescaped instance name.
%c Unit control group This group name has/sys/fs/cgroup/systemd/Does not include the prefix.
%r Control group parent group path "%c"The parent cgroup path of is used.
%R Route control group path where slices and units are placed For system instances, "/"become.
In the case of a container, use the root control group path of the container.
%t Runtime directory /run or$XDG_RUNTIME_DIR is used.
%u User name マネージャーを実行しているユーザのUser nameが使用される。
Usually root.
%U User UID マネージャーを実行しているUser UIDが使用される。
0 is used for system administrators.
%h User's home directory マネージャーを実行しているUser's home directoryが指定される。
If you are a system administrator,/"root" is used.
%s User's shell The shell used by the service manager.
If you are a system administrator,/bin/sh "is used.
%m Machine ID システムのMachine ID。
%b Boot ID System boot ID.
%H hostname ユニットがロードされた時点でのシステムhostname。
%v Release version of kernel 「uname -Use the character string that can be obtained from the output of "r".

that's all

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