screen and split screen with python and ssh login to remote server

Run on screen. Target server has ssh key authentication set in advance


import os
import time
from subprocess import Popen, PIPE, STDOUT

_SERVER_LIST     = (#('hostname', 'ipaddress'),
                     ('s1',      ''),
                     ('s2',      ''),
                     ('s3',      ''),)

_SSH_USER        = 'admin'

_SUBPROCESS_ARGS = {'stdin'     : None,
                    'stdout'    : PIPE,
                    'stderr'    : STDOUT,
                    'shell'     : False,}

def screen_ssh():

    for server_name, server_ip in _SERVER_LIST:

        screen_ssh = ('screen',
                      'title %s' % server_name,
                      'stuff "ssh -l %s %s\n"' % (_SSH_USER, server_ip))

        p = Popen(screen_ssh, **_SUBPROCESS_ARGS)

        for i in p.stdout : print i

if os.environ['TERM'] == "screen" :


else :
    print "not screen"

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