Anaconda, site summary that was helpful for learning Python

Execution environment

・ Windows10 Laptop & Desktop ・ Anaconda 4.8.4 ・ VScode 1.49.0 -Python 3.8.5


Basic, environment construction

[Super Introductory Course] Python | Course for Beginners in Programming Kino Code -Update Anaconda in Windows environment -How to use Anaconda's conda and pip install commands properly (administrative policy) -Change the working folder of Anaconda Prompt

GUI -Install Kivy with Anaconda -[Try to make a calculator with Python GUI kivy]( 82% 92% E4% BD% 9C% E3% 81% A3% E3% 81% A6% E3% 81% BF% E3% 82% 8B-c32d64de1a99) ・ Try to make a cool GUI application with Kivy + PythonIntroduction to creating desktop applications with Python-Let's make an obesity determination tool with TkinterIf you use Tkinter, try using PySimpleGUI


[Complete version] Cheat sheet that automatically operates (crawling / scraping) the browser with Python and Selenium -How to use Selenium WebDriver to automate browser operations with Python -Operating Chrome and Edge with python + selenium / Installation, environment settings and operation check -[Anaconda] How to build a virtual environment with the conda commandWeb page scraping and YouTube Data API to get video information (collect Hololive video distribution schedule)Complete automatic operation of Chrome with Python + Selenium -Use WebDriver (Chromium) for test automation -Let's operate the Web application automatically -Try selenium with Python (Internet Explorer)Summary of frequently used operation methods of Selenium webdriver

Youtube ・ GUI tool for downloading videos from YouTube (Python)How to get YouTube videos with Python -Get Youtube data in Python using Youtube Data API[Python] Download Youtube videos using youtube-dl (mp4, mp3) (Pytube not used)

Unity -Run Python code on Unity using IronPython -How to execute Python from C # [Unity]


-Create a shortcut for Python programs (Windows10) -How to execute Python script without command prompt

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