Learn the basics of Python ① Beginners


I started programming by myself. From 30 years old to an engineer with no experience. I'm interested in artificial intelligence, so I want to learn it little by little.

Learning procedure and environment

・ Learn by referring to learning tools such as Aidemy and influencers. ・ IMac seems to be good, but due to budget constraints, I program on a Windows 10 desktop computer.

What i did

(1) Studying programming at Aidemy

・ Use of python ・ Character output with python

(2) Building a python environment

・ Build a python environment on Windows 10 Install "python 3.8" from Microsoft store 2020-11-21 (2).png I tried the "print function" I studied at Aidemy 2020-11-21 (3).png

Impressions and issues

・ Because knowledge of HTML is required for posting on Qiita, study.

This time, I tried using "# for changing the size of characters" and "a code for pasting an image and changing the size". I am keenly aware of my lack of ability and study "HTML" to make the article easier to read. .. ..

・ The basic study of Python for the development of artificial intelligence is done steadily.

The goal feels so far away. But I think it's awkward to frustrate what even teens and 20s can do. I want to continue while enjoying my efforts.

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