[Python] What is virtualenv

What is virtualenv

If you install Python normally on your system, multiple versions will not coexist.

Therefore, virtualenv can be used only when an independent Python environment is specified.

How to use virtualenv

If the current working directory is project /

$ virtualenv ENV_NAME

This command creates a globally installed copy of Python under project / ENV_NAME (* ENV_NAME can be specified as you like with the name of the copy environment)

The environment is now copied, but even if you type the python command in the terminal, python for the entire system will start.

$ source ENV_NAME/bin/activate

Now when you type the python command, ʻENV_NAME / bin / python will be executed. ({Copy environment path} / bin:` is added to the beginning of PATH)

If you want to create a copy environment other than Python for the entire system

$ virtualenv -p /path/to/other/python ENV_NAME

There is pythonz etc. as a tool to insert various versions of Python that is the copy source.

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