[LINUX] Let's add it to the environment variable from the command ~


I use Windows and Linux when developing. Sometimes I use libraries made by others. At that time, I try to download it with ZIP or TAR without using the installer as much as possible before using it. You can use the installer to add new information to environment variables and copy executables to various locations. It's unpleasant to affect the existing environment even though I want to move it temporarily. Therefore, I start Taminal and change the environment variables temporarily before using it. The change only affects its timing, so it has no effect on other systems. If you close the timing, all the settings will be restored.

In each environment, add the path of the folder containing the executable file to the PATH variable as shown below before using it.


export PATH=$PATH:/opt/dakc/bin


  1. Command Promt
set PATH=%PATH%;C:\dakc\bin
  1. Powershell
$env:Path += ";C:\dakc\bin"

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