Replacing rmtrash on Mac and replacing rm on Linux

rmtrash can no longer be installed with Homebrew

It seems that it was recently removed from Homebrew because the license is opaque and there is no response from the author.

It seems that registration of another rmtrash is being considered, but it cannot be used now (December 14, 2020), so we will consider an alternative.

Alternative candidate

On a Mac, I want something that can be thrown from the command line into the system trash.

  1. trash in Homebrew
  2. [macOS] I wrote a script to delete from the command line to the Trash
  3. I made gomi, a trash can tool for rm in Go language

The trash in 1 is almost the same as the rmtrash. It's easy to install with Homebrew. But I couldn't get the deleted files back from the trash that I opened in the Finder. (I forgot if rmtrash could be returned from the trash.)

2 needs to download the script, but you can restore the deleted file from the trash can opened in Finder.

3 is highly functional, but recent versions seem to have lost the ability to throw it in the system trash.

For the time being, the script called trash in 2 seems to be good, so I will use it for a while.

trash settings You can download or copy the script from here and put it with execute permission where the path passes.

I aliased it to rm. I also added the -r option so that the directory can be deleted.

if type trash > /dev/null 2>&1; then
    alias rm='trash -r'

Replace rm with Linux

In Linux on a server such as a supercomputer, I create a directory (~/.Trash) that becomes a trash can by myself, and move files to it once with mv without using rm.

You can create a directory anywhere you like, so on servers that often use / work, create it under/work.

Alias ​​setting.

if [ -d ${HOME}/.Trash ]
    alias rm='mv --backup=numbered --target-directory=${HOME}/.Trash'

If the --backup = numbered option is specified, if the same file name exists in the move destination, the file name will be numbered and moved instead of overwriting.

You can move files to a directory specified in advance with the --target-directory option.

Create a script that empty the contents of the trash can directory that you created, and give execute permission to the location where the path passes.


rm -rf ~/.Trash/*


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