Create a MIDI file in Python using pretty_midi


I'm playing with the music generation project "Magenta" made by TensorFlow.

Reference: [Let Sakanaction learn from TensorFlow's art and music generation project "Magenta". ] (

As a pre-process, I found out that I wanted to play with MIDI files in Python, and it seemed that Magenta was using pretty_midi. In this post, I'll run the sample pretty_midi 0.2.6 documentation to see how pretty_midi works.

Sample code

Write the sample code and comments.

import pretty_midi

# Create a PrettyMIDI object
#Create a Pretty MIDI object.
cello_c_chord = pretty_midi.PrettyMIDI()

# Create an Instrument instance for a cello instrument
#Create an Instrument Instance. Here Cello

#Enter the instrument name and it will return the corresponding General MIDI program number
cello_program = pretty_midi.instrument_name_to_program('Cello')

#Create Instrument instance as Cello
cello = pretty_midi.Instrument(program=cello_program)

# Iterate over note names, which will be converted to note number later
#The melody is described by NoteName, but it will be converted to NoteNumber later.

for note_name in ['C5', 'E5', 'G5']:
    # Retrieve the MIDI note number for this note name
    #Searching for Note Number from Note Name.
    note_number = pretty_midi.note_name_to_number(note_name)

    # Create a Note instance, starting at 0s and ending at .5s
    #Create a NoteInstance. sound(pitch)Start time and end time,
    #Define velocity.
    note = pretty_midi.Note(
        velocity=100, pitch=note_number, start=0, end=.5)
    # Add it to our cello instrument
    #Add the NoteInstance created above to the Cello Instrument.
# Add the cello instrument to the PrettyMIDI object
#Add the Chello Instrument to the PrettyMIDI object.

# Write out the MIDI data
#Export a PrettyMIDI object as a MIDI file.

MIDI created

A MIDI file with a domiso sound of 0.5 seconds (1 beat at 120 BPM) has been created. (Displayed in logic X)

スクリーンショット 2016-10-07 17.56.55.png

At the end

Next, I would like to read an existing MIDI file and divide the file for each instrument.

Thank you very much.

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