Python> Output numbers from 1 to 100, 501 to 600> For csv


Operating environment
GeForce GTX 1070 (8GB)
ASRock Z170M Pro4S [Intel Z170chipset]
Ubuntu 14.04 LTS desktop amd64
TensorFlow v0.11
cuDNN v5.1 for Linux
CUDA v8.0
Python 2.7.6
IPython 5.1.0 -- An enhanced Interactive Python.

Create the following csv file

--First column: 1 to 100 --Second row: 501 to 600

import numpy as np

x_data = np.linspace(1,100,100)
y_data = np.linspace(501,600,100)


for xs, ys in zip(x_data, y_data):
	print '%d,%d' % (xs, ys)


$ python > input2.csv 
$ head input2.csv 
$ tail input2.csv 

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