What is Linux for?

What is Linux?

From the conclusion, ** a kind of OS **. The OS (Operating System) is familiar to us. Below, a specific example ・ When you hit the keyboard, characters appear. ・ Can be operated with a touch panel or mouse ・ When you put on the earphones, you can hear the sound from the earphones. Please be aware that it provides this natural function.

Features of Linux

① Anyone can use it freely and it is free (2) High quality, so high reliability from the world (3) There is a mechanism for automating operations, which makes server operation easier. Of course there are disadvantages, but I think the advantages are greater. The disadvantage is that it doesn't support Japanese very much. Not so much. Here is a summary of distributions and package managers. ** Knowledge that is absolutely necessary **.

What is a distribution?

Linux is made up of the core "kernel" of the OS and other software.

Package manager

The bottom line is that it ** keeps track of what software is installed on your computer, making it easy to update and remove **.

#Install the package
% yum install [file name]

#Update the packages installed on your system
% yum update

#Uninstall the package
% yum remove [file name]

#List packages on the server
% yum lis

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