[python] [meta] Is the type of python a type?

Python type and C type

Speaking of python types, numeric types, sequence types, instance types, etc. I don't really care about it because I don't need a declaration, but there are types.

On the other hand, in C language, int type, char type, float type, etc. I don't want to remember this because I have to be aware of type declaration and type conversion.

By the way, when comparing these two, do you feel uncomfortable to call them the same "type"? The type of python is an object, which is responsible for both storing data and processing it. On the other hand, the C language type simply stores data. Thanks to that, I have to manually delete the memory.

It may be so if you are told that "python just omits XX type objects", It feels a little strange to call both of them with the same name, which are treated differently so far.

Isn't there a name that expresses this area well? If you call them the same type, you don't have to change the names of "variable" and "instance". In the first place, if all objects are objects, is it necessary to separate them into XX types?

In other words, he was confused when teaching python to juniors who can only write C language.

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