[PYTHON] Data analysis, what do you do after all?

Goal of this article

The timing of encountering data analysis is different for each person. Your position in data analysis will change depending on when you meet. What is data analysis for me and how do you plan to get involved in it? I hope that the readers will also be able to ask themselves while touching on an example of me, who is just a science student.

The big picture of the article

・ The goal of this article ・ Until ordinary science students become data analysis personnel ・ What is data analysis for me? ・ What kind of career are you thinking about in the future?

Until ordinary science students become data analysis personnel

I'm an ordinary science student who doesn't have any special skills. It seems that it will be identified, but it is a common "biological student who is not interested in living things" who fell to the University of Tokyo and entered the University of Tokyo in the second half. I haven't had any experience of participating in a number or competition pro or other contests. I've been advancing to college, but I wasn't passionate about it. As with any science, there is an opportunity to come into contact with programming in class. In my case, I used python to analyze the three-dimensional structure of proteins and python and R to analyze DNA base sequence information. The data analysis that I touched on for the first time made me think "I want to study this more!" And started my career. Actually, this start was only about half a year ago, and it's only recently, but I've done the following with a sense of speed in learning. --Buy technical books such as python, R, SQL and learn by yourself ――Enter an online salon called "Data Learning Guild" where people involved in data analysis gather. --Apply for short-term internships whose business is data analysis --Working as a long-term intern whose main business is data analysis. Currently, at an application business company, we are proposing UI / UX improvement by access analysis and analysis, proposing marketing measures, executing and verifying the effects. Although it was a short experience period of just over half a year, I was able to make a hypothesis, analyze, verify, propose measures, and present a prospect by myself. Regarding learning, I have been working with the primary goal of working as an intern in a different environment in order to improve efficiency. Study deliverables to work as an intern and aim to hire an intern in the shortest possible time. Although I am a summer intern for 5 days, I decided to study for the first time in 2 months. Until now, we have been promoting the app business with the introduction of Murakami-san, the owner of Data Learning Guild. It was adopted by a venture company in the frame of data analysis and marketers. I am truly grateful that I was able to evaluate and recommend myself from the perspective of learning speed and motivation, as I had only had analysis experience as a short-term intern for 5 days. In terms of changing the environment, it was great to join the Data Learning Guild. The place where you can connect with many engineers and consultants involved in data analysis, including Mr. Murakami, an independent owner who actually uses data analysis, is a great place for you to ask questions and collect information. was. I am still indebted to you there.

What is data analysis for me?

Since I was little, I have been looking forward to solving people's worries and worries and realizing the wishes of others. Of course, I had my own dreams, but I just can't get into it. While there were people talking about various future dreams, I quickly gave up my dream of becoming a professional baseball player and started to do what I could do and what seemed to be interesting around me. There are people in the world who have various dreams and strong passions. However, many of them have not been realized. It is difficult and difficult to put your dreams into reality, take concrete action steps, and solve the challenges you face. While improving the ability to solve problems through data analysis, I realized those dreams and desires as a powerful "No. 2" and "right arm" of those who have such strong dreams and desires. I've come to be attracted to doing so. Data analysis is a problem-solving method for me. Furthermore, I think it is the core of the realization ability to make the ideal a reality.

In other words, for me, data analysis is a weapon for realizing dreams, ideals, and desires.

What kind of career are you thinking about in the future?

I said earlier, "Data analysis is a weapon to make dreams, ideals, and desires a reality." As a data scientist, I have little experience, skills, and knowledge, and my level as a weapon is still low. The types of weapons are roughly divided --Data comprehension ability (statistics / domain knowledge) --Data processing ability (programming skill) --Data interpretation ability (logical thinking ability) --Communication skills (presentation skills, hearing skills, negotiation skills, etc.) I think it is. At university, I would like to improve my data comprehension ability, which weapon to polish. Especially statistics. Therefore, my most recent envisioned career is to major in statistics at graduate school. The reason for studying statistics at university is that other abilities can be acquired through output opportunities such as practical work. I hear in various places that "it is stronger after becoming a member of society to understand theoretical aspects such as mathematical understanding in university." Therefore, I would like to hone my other skills in the practical field such as the activities at the internship I am currently working on. I am also thinking of studying abroad in the United States and getting used to English while participating in an internship as a data scientist overseas. The experience there greatly broadens my options and horizons when choosing a country or company to work for in the coming employment.

Ultimately, I want to be the COO who is committed to realizing the CEO's dream that I wanted to work with. However, I don't know when I can dream for a long life in the future. At that time, I would like to fulfill my dream as CEO with my own realization ability as COO.


The story is a little off from data analysis, but for me data analysis is a weapon of realization that makes my dreams come true. For some people, data analysis is a dream that opens up AI and unknown territories. Therefore, the idea of data analysis here is just "for me".

In addition, the career I envision is based on my current knowledge, and I will continue to study, listen to the stories of various people, and improve it steadily. The assumed career in this sentence is ambiguous, but I hope to keep a record of my activities in future articles and twitter.

Data analysis is so attractive in the field itself that many people start studying. If you are studying and it is not clear what you want to do with data analysis, once you think about it, it will help you in your future study policy. Thank you for reading to the end.

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