Summary of Linux distribution types

This is Yuhei.

I am planning to attend an infrastructure school from August, but I am currently studying Linux.

In July, we are proceeding with "New Linux Textbook". I wasn't sure about the Linux distribution, so I summarized what I looked up.

What is a Linux distribution?

The Linux kernel and other software groups are combined into one so that users can easily install and use it.

Linux originally refers to the kernel, but the kernel alone cannot use the OS.

Therefore, A package of applications, etc. that makes it easy to use Linux so that it can be used at any time.

"Linux distribution" Is called.

An example of a Linux distribution

For example, when moving a car ① Engine ② Tire ③ Handle ④ Brake You can move the car for the first time, but

As with the above, Linux distributions can run Linux without an OS for the first time using a variety of applications.

Linux distribution type

For Linux distributions

① Red Hat system ② Debian system

There are the above two types.

Each has its own characteristics ① is a Linux distribution mainly for commercial use, and is used for the development and operation of large-scale systems. (This is often the paid version)

From the name of Red Hat, it is called "Akabou" by net users.

A stable Linux distribution.

② is a Linux distribution that can be used for free. It features various CPU support and a huge number of applications, and is installed in many enterprise systems.

Each software

Red hat system ①CentOS ②Red Hat Enterprice Linux ③Fedora

Debian system ①Debian GNU/Linux ②Ubuntu ③Linux Mint ④Edubuntu

The above is the software used in each, but I would like to investigate again what kind of features it has and how it is used.

that's all.


New Linux textbook

Reference URL

What is a Linux distribution? [[Purpose] 7 Recommended Linux Distributions for Beginners]( I can't ask you again now! What is the difference between CentOS and Red Hat? What is Linux

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