[PYTHON] Django


Now that you've updated your Python version, it's time to summarize the steps for installing Django.

Installation procedure

Now that you have the latest Python version installed, install Django. This time it will be built with pipenv instead of pip. You can install it with a simple procedure, so let's do it immediately.

$ pipenv install django

You can check if it was installed correctly with the following command.

$ python -m django --version

Or check in the shell as follows.

>>>import django
>>>django VERSION

in conclusion

The installation step itself is very easy. Installation with pipenv and other steps can be found in the article "Creating a Django development environment with Pipenv" (https://qiita.com/nochifuchi/items/4fe0164f0d8949cf11b7).

Reference site

"Creating a Django development environment with Pipenv" https://qiita.com/nochifuchi/items/4fe0164f0d8949cf11b7

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