Install OpenCV 4.0 and Python 3.7 on Windows 10 with Anaconda

It took a long time to find out ...

Surprisingly, it took a lot of time to find out how to install OpenCV 3.4. As a result, I downloaded and installed the Wheel package from an unofficial location. If you are interested in the process, please read the last one. I changed the title because I confirmed that it can be installed in the same way with OpenCV 4.0 and Python 3.7 (2018/12/25) </ sup> Since OpenCV3.4 came out, the part that was OpenCV3.3 was renewed (2018/3/8) </ sup>

The following is an article I tried after installation.

-[Explanation for beginners] openCV face detection mechanism and practice (detectMultiScale) -Specify parameters in openCV face detection to quickly improve detection accuracy -Face detection from multiple image files with openCV and cut out and saved

* OpenCV3.4 was not on Anaconda Cloud as of 3/4/2018 </ sup>


type version
OS Windows10 Professional 64bit
Anaconda3 Anaconda 5.0.1
Python Python3.6(Anaconda virtual environment)

Installation procedure

0. Premise

It is a prerequisite before installation. Anaconda3 5.0.1 is already installed in my environment (Windows 10 64bit). Please refer to the separate article "Installing TensorFlow on Windows was easy even for Python beginners" for the installation procedure of Anaconda.

1. Wheel package download

Click "opencv_python-3.4.1-cp36-cp36m-win_amd64.whl" from link to download the Wheel package. I will. * Please select the version you want to use as appropriate </ sup> 20.DownloadOpenCV.JPG

2. Create Anaconda virtual environment

Launch Anaconda Navigator from the Windows menu. Similar to Apache Ambari. 20.Anaconda_Navigator02.JPG

Enter "openCV" as the virtual environment name and select Python 3.6. 20.CreateVirtualEnv01.JPG

3. openCV installation

Open a terminal from the virtual environment. 30.InstallOpenCV01.JPG

Change the directory to the location where you downloaded the Wheel package in the steps of "1. Wheel Package Download".

cd C:\Users\yohei.fukuhara\Downloads

Install with pip.

pip install opencv_python‑3.4.1‑cp36‑cp36m‑win_amd64.whl

The installation was successful without any problems.

4. Install numpy and matplotlib

If you don't have numpy, you will get an error, so install it. I haven't investigated it in detail, but there was information that matplotlib is similar, so I will install it for the time being.

conda install numpy
pip install matplotlib

Installation is successful.

5. Installation confirmation

Confirm the installation of openCV2. Start python.


Import the openCV library and view the version.

import cv2

There seems to be no problem!

Investigation process

Please see only those who are interested. This is what I checked when it was OpenCV 3.2. </ sup>

Not in Anaconda Cloud

~~ First, I searched for Anaconda Cloud, but there is no openCV3.3 for Windows ... 3.2 was in conda-forge.

After all reliable Stackoverflow

When I searched on Stackoverflow, there was an answer!["Installing opencv on Windows 10 with python 3.6 and anaconda 3.6"]( 3-6) and that's exactly what it is: grin:

For the time being, check the download source site

However, the source of dropping the Wheel package I felt suspicious, so check it just in case. It seems to be the site of Professor Christopher of the University of California, Irvine. There is also a name on the official website, so it should be okay ... Others seem to be using it for the same purpose as introduced in the article "Installing OpenCV 3.2 and Python 3.6 on Windows 10". is.

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