linux (ubuntu) memo

What is it in the first place?

See Official In short, an image of linux and a friend's OS This time with the setting of ver18.04

bash As a memorandum that I think the basics are linux

Description cmd($abridgement)
shut down shutdown -h now
Open the file in explorer xdg-open filename
OS info cat /etc/os-release
Package check sudo apt-get check
Package dependency repair sudo apt-get -f install
Get absolute path readlink -f hoge.sam
Environmental path confirmation printenv
Check what you have installed dpkg --get-selections
Change Password sudo passwd <username>
Change Password sudo passwd <username>
Screen recording Alt+Ctrl+Shift+R

bash command

Check the contents of the zip file (zcat)

View the contents of the compressed file

zcat <Compressed file name>

Find a file (find)

File search

##Perfect matching
find --name <file name>

##Partial Match
find --name "*<Part of the file name>*"

mv File movement

mv <Target file> <Destination>

rm For example, deleting files

#Single file deletion
rm <file name>

#Directory deletion
rm -r <dir name>

pwd View current directory


cp File copy

#Ordinary file replication
cp <File A> <File B>

#Directory copy
cp -r <dirA> <dirB>


#Bulk move(cp is also ok)
mv * ../

Extension Make a note of things that have taken time and are likely to be used

slack If the version of Ubuntu is 18.04, it seems that you can not type Japanese if you install it due to brain death. Take the compressed file from Official If you install by referring to this article Settled

Albert Tools taught by engineers Convenient. First of all, from installation to master This article was easy to understand and recommended.

Tweaks Extension that can change the appearance of ubuntu quite easily I read from this article and set various settings.

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