[PYTHON] Script to generate directory from json file


Suppose you have a json file like this:


    "data": [
            "no": "1",
            "date": "2020-01-28T00:00",
            "place": "japan",
            "age": "22",
            "sex": "female"
            "no": "2",
            "date": "2020-02-14T00:00",
            "place": "australia",
            "age": "50",
            "sex": "male"
    "last_update": "2020-03-14T23:14:01.849130+09:00"

A script that creates the following directories from this file.

スクリーンショット 2020-03-15 16.42.01.png

It means that the hierarchy is divided by the index of key and list.

json2dir https://github.com/Kanahiro/json2dir

Recursively parses the json file and returns a list of directories to generate.


import json2dir

jsondict = {
#jsondict is the sample mentioned above.Read json as dict type

root_dir = 'api/sample'
os.makedirs(root_dir, exist_ok=True) #api/Create a directory called sample

#Generate a directory list with this script
dirs = json2dir.dir_list_of(jsondict, root_dir)
dir = ['api/sample/data', 'api/sample/data/0', 'api/sample/data/0/no', 'api/sample/data/0/date', 
'api/sample/data/0/place', 'api/sample/data/0/age', 'api/sample/data/0/sex', 'api/sample/data/1', 
'api/sample/data/1/no', 'api/sample/data/1/date', 'api/sample/data/1/place', 'api/sample/data/1/age', 
'api/sample/data/1/sex', 'api/sample/last_update']

#api/Create a directory based on dir under sample
for d in dirs:
    os.makedirs(d, exist_ok=True)

The directory is created.

At the end

By the way, a package called json-to-dir is distributed by pip, but (probably) it was written in Python 2.x series and did not work properly (so I made it). I'd like to make it a pip package if there seems to be a need, but I've met my needs so I'm putting it off for the time being.

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