python beginner memo (9.2-10)

I put vscode and anaconda

・ I managed to put it in while searching on the Internet, setting.jonson ...

regression analysis

Simple regression ... Estimating another (objective variable) from one value (explanatory variable) y = x + 2, etc., supervised learning Multiple regression ... Multiple explanatory variables, y = ax1 + bx2 + cx3 + ...

Multiple regression method Prepare an element → Use LinearRegression () Learn → .fit (x, y) Predict → Can be done with .predict (x)

How good is the regression? Uses the coefficient of determination .score (x, y) Run with jupyter notebook


% matplotlib inline What? Why is it possible to use characters's% instead of characters + variables when outputting an array? What is the enumate function

numpy various

axis #(1 for rows, 0 for columns)
np.random.randint(0,100,3) #(Generate 3 integers from 0 to 100)

About RNNs and DNNs

Omitted here

About the argument *

def sample(*words,sep="/"):
    return sep.join(words) #Use join to concatenate characters
# a/b/Displayed with c ・ Sep indicates how to divide between

def sample(**words):


zip function ... Tuples can be listed map function .. Apply operation to each element of list → You don't have to use for loop! Use anonymous function ... lambda. Convenient to keep short


#[(1, 4, 7), (2, 5, 8), (3, 6, 9)]

def threepow(x):
    return x**3
#[1, 8, 27]

d=list(map(lambda i:i**3, a))
#[1, 8, 27],Only 2 lines

Use Pandas

Benefits of pandas

-Easy data analysis (like SQL or R!) ・ There are many such functions ・ Various types can be used together

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