Install Linux on your Chromebox


Procedure [Average time] [ Waiting time </ font>]

  • Remove the screws [146s] [ 0m </ font>]

  • Enable developer mode [0m] [ 300s </ font>]

  • FW installation script execution [51s] [ 0m </ font>]

  • Run OS installation script [0] [ 558s </ font>]

  • Total [17.5 minutes] [ 14.3 minutes </ font>]

Detailed procedure

STEP1 Remove the screw ** Enter developer mode ** Turn on the power while pressing and holding the reset switch for a few seconds Press Ctrl + D on the "Insert USB memory or SD card for restoration" screen. Press the reset switch again on the "Press the recovery button to turn off the OS confirmation function" screen. After rebooting, the "OS confirmation function is turned off" screen is displayed. (Can be skipped with Ctrl + D) The "Transitioning the system to developer mode" screen is displayed. After a certain period of time, the screen will switch to the "Welcome" screen. ** FW installation script execution ** Press Ctrl + Alt + F2 on the "Welcome" screen. Make sure you are connected to the internet. The screen will switch to the CUI login screen, so log in with chronos. Execute the following command.

sudo su
curl -O;
sudo su
curl -O;

OK when SUCCESS is displayed Insert the USB memory and restart, go to the next step

STEP2 ** Boot OS for installation from USB ** Press Esc at boot time and select USB from the boot device list The top entry is selected on the blue screen (grub), so press Enter ** OS installation script execution ** After starting, when [Give Root password for maintainance] is displayed, enter the password to log in and execute the following command

Please select the one in the curly braces according to the device.

cd /clonescripts/
bash [CN60/62/65]

Reboot when complete. Next, set the seat number.


The seat number format is [A-Z] [1-9] {0,1}-[0-9] {2} ex. A-01

URL Screw position This page

Troble Shooting

The device owner has disabled developer mode for this device

Not unscrewed

Hardware write-protect enabled. cannot set Boot Options / GBB Flags. If it is not unscrewed, it will be solved by unscrewing it, but it may come out regardless of whether it is unscrewed. It is a problem of contact around the screw. If you have a tester, make sure there are no shorts between the fan-shaped metals.

Does Ctrl + D not work?

Try changing the keyboard to one with a different keyboard layout.

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