VScode intellisense doesn't work on Raspberry Pi OS 64bit! (Python)

Nice to meet you. This article is the first post. This time, pylint was annoying, and when I set it by looking at a certain site, VScode intellisense did not work with Raspberry Pi, so I will write the cause and remedy, and the remedy for the fundamental error.


--Raspberry Pi 4 --Raspberry OS 64bit

Directory structure

    ┣ utils/
        ┣ __init__.py
        ┣ sub.py
    ┣ __init__.py
    ┣ main.py

I wonder if it looks like this for the time being In main.py

from utils import sub

When I entered Unable to import utils pylint(import-error) Is displayed. what's this! annoying! Come out! It doesn't make sense to say that, so I looked it up. Then create a pylintrc init-hook="./utils" I was told to fill in. I tried it. Is gone! Hooray! For a while I thought. When I restarted, the intellisense wasn't working. I think it was because I created pylintrc now, but I didn't have that head at all at this time. Reinstalling code-oss didn't change it, so I pushed git to pylintrc and re-installed the OS. And after cloning and rebooting, it doesn't work again. why? Why? After a lot of research, I found that pylintrc was the cause. I quickly erased it. (I forgot which site it was) And the root ʻUnable to import utils pylint (import-error)reappears. When I looked it up again, it said that puttinginit.pywould fix it. But I leave. I thought maybe, I deletedinit.py in the same layer as main.py`. No longer an error. Solution.


--Delete pylintrc --Don't waste __init __.py.

that's all! !! I'm not used to writing, so I'd appreciate it if you could make an edit request or comment, such as this is better!

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