My python environment memo

katayamashunyuunoMacBook-Pro:~ katayamashunsuke$ which python
#I'm using pyenv's python

katayamashunyuunoMacBook-Pro:~ katayamashunsuke$ which pip
#pip is also derived from pyenv

katayamashunyuunoMacBook-Pro:~ katayamashunsuke$ which conda
katayamashunyuunoMacBook-Pro:~ katayamashunsuke$ which anaconda
#conda anaconda is not included

katayamashunyuunoMacBook-Pro:~ katayamashunsuke$ pyenv versions
* 3.7.4 (set by /Users/katayamashunsuke/.pyenv/version)
#When you want to use jupyter notebook with anaconda, use it locally from pyenv
#How to use
#Go to the applicable directory
pyenv local anaconda3-5.2.0

You can use both pip and conda without conflicting

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