[Windows] RDP to Windows via Linux

The story of the springboard. 20180525185637.jpg What if you want to RDP to Windows using a Linux server as a springboard? The setting at that time.

Assumption: -A Linux ssh connection client must be installed on the work terminal.

1. First, ssh connect to Linux on the springboard. `` 2. Click" Settings "→" SSH Transfer "at the top of the window. `3. The port forwarding screen will appear, so click" Add ". 20180525184017.jpg

4. Set below

Local port: 13389
Listen: Sky
Remote host: Windows IP address for RDP
Port: 3389

3389 is the RDP port that Windows uses by default.

5. teraterm keeps open and opens RDP. `` 6. Specify" "for the connection destination. ``

You should now be able to RDP. Open a command prompt just in case


Let's check with. The IP address of the bastion server should be displayed in the "External address" item.

Of course, if you close teraterm, RDP will also expire, so be careful.

Above ~

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