[PYTHON] How to do arithmetic with Django template


By using a module called django-mathfilters, you can perform arithmetic processing on the template. In this article, I'll show you how to implement it.


django-mathfilters · PyPI


Python(3.6.2) Django(2.1.7)

Installation method

Install django-mathfilters

pip install django-mathfilters

Added math filters to INSTALLED_APPS


# Application definition

    'mathfilters', #← Add

Load from template

- load mathfilters

Now you can perform arithmetic processing on the template.

Calculation method

--sub – Subtraction --addition – addition --mul – Multiplication --div – division --intdiv – Integer division --abs – Absolute value --mod – Surplus


- load mathfilters

    10 - 2 = {{ 10 | sub:2 }}  # 8
    10 + 5 = {{ 10 | addition:5 }} # 15
    10 × 3 = {{ 10 | mul:3 }} # 30
    10 ÷ 2 = {{ 10 | div:2 }} # 5
    | -10 | = {{ -10 | abs }} # 10
    20 ÷ 3 = {{ 20 | mod:3 }} # 2

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