[PYTHON] Align the version of chromedriver_binary

In an environment with Chrome 86 on Windows Somehow I hate to put the driver .exe one by one Will you choose the driver automatically? Seems to be

import chromedriver_binary

I'm going to use

pip install import chromedriver_binary

To run After executing the code using python selenium I got an error saying that the version is different from your Chrome.

Apparently the latest version for Chrome 87 has been installed. Now check your Chrome 86 version

pip install import chromedriver_binary==86.04240.193

If you execute it as it is

ERROR: Could not find a version that satisfies the requirement chromedriver_binary==86.04240.193 (from versions: 2.29.1, 2.31.1, 2.33.1, 2.34.0, 2.35.0, 2.35.1, 2.36.0, 2.37.0, 2.38.0, 2.39.0, 2.40.1, 2.41.0, 2.42.0, 2.43.0, 2.44.0, 2.45.0, 2.46.0, 70.0.3538.16.0, 70.0.3538.67.0, 70.0.3538.97.0, 71.0.3578.30.0, 71.0.3578.33.0, 71.0.3578.80.0, 71.0.3578.137.0, 72.0.3626.7.0, 72.0.3626.69.0, 73.0.3683.20.0, 73.0.3683.68.0, 74.0.3729.6.0, 75.0.3770.8.0, 75.0.3770.90.0, 75.0.3770.140.0, 76.0.3809.12.0, 76.0.3809.25.0, 76.0.3809.68.0, 76.0.3809.126.0, 77.0.3865.10.0, 77.0.3865.40.0, 78.0.3904.11.0, 78.0.3904.70.0, 78.0.3904.105.0, 79.0.3945.16.0, 79.0.3945.36.0, 80.0.3987.16.0, 80.0.3987.106.0, 81.0.4044.20.0, 81.0.4044.69.0, 81.0.4044.138.0, 83.0.4103.14.0, 83.0.4103.39.0, 84.0.4147.30.0, 85.0.4183.38.0, 85.0.4183.83.0, 85.0.4183.87.0, 86.0.4240.22.0, 87.0.4280.20.0)
ERROR: No matching distribution found for chromedriver_binary==86.04240.193

I can't find it, only this list? And that. There is no exact match version, but is it okay if it's the same 86?

pip install import chromedriver_binary==86.0.4240.22.0

Then it moved. I'm happy.

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